Max Damour, Owner/Founder, Blue Panda Realty

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What motivated you to create Blue Panda Realty?

Most real estate brokerages continue to operate from the same old-school business model. They boast huge corporate structures and operate through conventional and outdated programs targeted at both agents and clients. It is our philosophy that this approach suppresses innovation and forward thinking, while also limiting the potential reach and quality of client service. Blue Panda is defined by a boutique style and structure while specializing in urban living - a trend is already apparent in major cities such as Toronto, New York and London. Following these developments, we are seeking to match Ottawa’s intensifying dynamic urban core with a brokerage committed to a new way of looking at real estate.


What makes the brokerage unique in Ottawa’s real estate market? 

The decision to operate according to this boutique model allows us to provide unparalleled agent support and client service. It also allows us to craft an identity for the brokerage that upholds a spirit of innovation at its core.

We generate all creative content in house and use the newest technologies to track, market and deliver information to our clients. As we will be programming special events for clients and the surrounding business community, our office space will function as a hub for activity. Additionally, the office has been specially designed for Blue Panda agents to feel at home and still operate in a stimulating and dynamic work environment.

As opposed to other corporate brokerages that will hire anyone with a license, Blue Panda agents are hand selected based on their fit with this existing business culture. We are absolutely committed to building a strong network of support for our agents. Overall, the brokerage is more competitive in the market by offering more top services with less up front costs for the agent. Because we offer discounts and pay for most of the services upfront until the closing process, much of the usual stress facing the agent is taken away. This decision to keep the best interests of the agent in mind ultimately contributes to a more positive experience for client.


What do you see as the future reach and impact of Blue Panda in Ottawa?

We see the brokerage growing in all directions in Ottawa’s urban core, continuing to service clients beyond their expectations, as well as setting a new industry standard for outreach and innovation. Make sure to stay tuned for what’s next.